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About the Mutual Funds

Integrum Asset Management IPAS is one of the oldest managers of open-ended mutual funds in Baltics. Our asset managers are providing management services for more than 15 years and managing 11 mutual funds with stocks, bonds, and mixed type of investment instruments. The total value of the assets of open-ended mutual funds under management in 2021 exceeded 140 million EUR, which is more than a third of the entire amount of mutual funds available in Nasdaq Baltic. Our investment funds differ by investment strategy, investment geography and investment currency.

Performance of the Mutual funds

All of the mutual funds managed by the Company have provided a positive capital value appreciation in the long term perspective and since the inception. The total capital increase for the investors amounted to EUR 40 million*. The average annual return, depending on the currency and investment strategy, ranges from 1.6% to 9.3%*. The comparison of the results of the mutual funds managed by the Company and other mutual funds can be found in Nasdaq Baltic, while the mutual funds under management rank among the highest long-term return mutual funds both in equity, bond and mixed-type mutual fund categories*.

More detailed information about the current investment strategy, performance return of the mutual funds is available in the following here.
* Data on 30.11.2021. For comparison all available mutual funds in Nasdaq Baltic are used, 3 and 5-year yield periods and since inception date of the funds, capital appreciation value for USD funds is converted to EUR based on the actual exchange rate on the date of the calculation. Please be reminded that the historical return does not guarantee the same performance in the future.

Integrum mutual funds have achieved the highest 3-year period yield among the equity, bond and mixed type funds.

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Integrum Asset Management IPAS

Registration number: 40003814724
LEI number: 549300BO9IYZ6ER3TR25
Legal address: Elizabetes Street 23, Riga, LV-1010
Registration date: 30.03.2006.
Phone: +371 6700 2777
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