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Priekšlaicīga pensija – 4 faktori, kas jāņem vērā

Priekšlaicīga pensionēšanās ir ļoti atbildīgs lēmums, jo tiešā veidā ietekmēs tavas vecumdienas, tādēļ ir svarīgi izsvērt visus faktorus, kas var ietekmēt pensijas lielumu un izmaksāšanas kārtību.

Pension system in Latvia: how to understand your pension pillars?

Latvian pension system consists of three pillars. In the first two pillars, the money is being automatically deducted from your taxable income, while in the third pillar it is your free choice to make contributions to it on your own.

How to compare the second pillar pension plans wisely?

We have collected the key criteria to help you in making the wise choice regarding the second pillar pension plan that is best for You.

How your employment in other EU/EEA countries can affect your old-age pension?

In order to help you navigate through this issue, we have gathered the key factors you should keep in mind upon long-term employment and living in another member-state and accumulating your old-age pension capital.

5 factors to keep in mind before retiring

Approaching this age, you might start to think, when is the best time to retire? It is an important decision that will directly affect the rest of your life, so you should consider all the factors that your pension amount and disbursement procedure depend on.

“There will be no pension anyway” – 7 popular myths about pension accruals

Even though saving for pension is being widely discussed and explained, yet there still are many misconceptions in the society about what share of your pension will all three pension pillars constitute. In this article we will try to dispel some of these myths.

9 mistakes people make with pension accruals

Over the years your pension savings, there could be thousands of euros accrued in all three pillars. The less you pay attention to those accruals, the more likely you will receive a lower pension in your old days than you could had you known some tips and tricks.

Can I withdraw my 2nd pension pillar savings?

Find out if you can claim your 2nd pillar pension capital before retirement!

Lifetime pension insurance: is it worth it?

Lifetime pension insurance is a government-approved alternative to use your pension savings with more control over how the savings of 2nd pillar pension will be disbursed to you.

Active and Passive Pension Funds Management: What Are the Differences?

When studying various 2nd pension pillar investment plan strategies, you cannot help but notice that there are plans using active pension funds management principle, and there are plans using passive management principle. In this article we will discuss what are the differences between the active and passive fund management.

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