On the Abolition of Restrictions on Transactions with ABLV High Yield CIS USD Bond Fund Investment Certificates
November 30, 2022

Starting from 01.12.2022 restrictions on transactions with ABLV High Yield CIS USD Bond Fund (hereinafter - the Fund) investment certificates are abolished.

Although the sanctions against Russia have not been lifted, during these several months since the restrictions on transactions were imposed, the share of the value of financial instruments in the Fund's portfolio issued by Russian issuers has significantly decreased because of the redemption, sale and revaluation of the mentioned financial instruments. Financial instruments of Russian issuers, for which settlements will certainly not be possible soon due to sanctions (including restrictions imposed by depositories), following a cautious approach, were valued at zero value.

Therefore, Integrum Asset Management IPAS (hereinafter - the Company) believes that the value of the Fund's investment certificates corresponds to the true value and there is no reason now to believe that due to the current situation on the market, the redemption of the Fund's investment certificates could not be ensured.

The abolition of restrictions on transactions with the Fund's investment certificates means that persons who own the Fund's investment certificates and for whom the Company did not find any restrictions set by the regulatory acts as a result of the investor inspection, have the opportunity to conduct transactions with these certificates at their own discretion and without restrictions, including submitting redemption applications [1].

[1] Considering that the Company is not the account holder, before conducting transactions with investment certificates, we invite investors to additionally check the status of their financial instrument account by contacting their account holder - a credit institution or an investment brokerage company.

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